How Going Vegan Can Help You
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MY VEGAN VOUCHERS is a growing enterprise supporting animal sanctuaries, vegan businesses as well as vegan options. Here, you will be able to discover ways to save animals from suffering whilst finding awesome deals in the process. Consequently, you will also find how going vegan can help you in so many ways.


…Our Passion

We offer free advertising for vegan businesses and vegan options. We aim to support the global vegan community as a whole. This in turn will promote a vegan lifestyle to the community in general, consequently saving animals from suffering.

We welcome new businesses regularly and would love to hear from you. Not everyone here is vegan, however all vouchers are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

If you’re considering a vegan lifestyle and not sure what vegans need to consider, here’s a blog post for some light reading to get you inspired.

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If you offer a service such as a health or trade service or similar, your ‘tools of trade’ are cruelty free and you are vegan, you are welcome to apply for inclusion on our website.

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…receive donations from us

As a fundraiser, MY VEGAN VOUCHERS donates 20% of the annual fee to your favourite registered, approved ‘not for profit’ organisation. Helping to save animals’ lives.

If you would like to do some fundraising and add your organisation to our list of charity organisations, please contact Joanne via email at [email protected]

We will provide you with marketing material to simplify the process of raising funds for your organisation.

***My Vegan Vouchers is currently FREE for all subscribers. When the subscription fee returns, this automatic donation will also apply as previously set up.


The list of organisations promoted on our website use MY VEGAN VOUCHERS as a means of raising additional funds for their cause. They will be able to give you a referral code to use when joining. ***Insert the referral code in the member registration form and MY VEGAN VOUCHERS will automatically donate 20% of your membership fee to that organisation. You do not need to do anything further, it’s all done for you.

If you would like to see another animal sanctuary or worthy cause added to our website list, please email us at [email protected] with their details and we will invite them to join and benefit from using MY VEGAN VOUCHERS as a fundraiser.

***My Vegan Vouchers is currently FREE for all subscribers. When the subscription fee returns, this automatic donation will also apply as previously set up.

So How Can Going Vegan Help You?

MY VEGAN VOUCHERS blog posts outline numerous ways to shop ethically and live a vegan lifestyle. Our posts highlight vegan businesses and options that you will find immensely useful, such as our post about a vegan dental surgery. Each business offers our members exclusive discount deals, hence helping you go vegan.

You will find many and varied categories to search for vegan and cruelty free products and services. You can find anything vegan from food, accommodation, skincare, health services, homewares and plenty more.

Going vegan can help you feel healthier. Have a look at our variety of health products and services locally and online. Visit MY VEGAN VOUCHERS and use the search categories to find out more. Services range from medical practitioners, medical specialists, alternative medicine, natural remedies. The list goes on.

The list of vouchers available is forever expanding

We aim to be the largest global resource of Everything Vegan. Going vegan can help you learn about more than just your health. The vegan lifestyle means cruelty free everything. In addition to food, fashion and health services, you will consider the following:

You will also begin to seek out products and services that are eco friendly, plastic free, organic and perhaps even wholesale.

Cruelty Free Fashion

Going vegan can help you wear fashion that you never considered vegan and cruelty free

Our fashion and beauty sections will have you hooked! Ethical, eco friendly and cruelty free choices galore! All exclusively discounted for our members too.

Eco Friendly Products are also becoming more popular

Considering how our planet is currently suffering, eco friendly products are on the rise. Going vegan can help our planet immensely! All of our vegan and cruelty free products and services will consequently help save our planet. Our range in the specifically eco friendly category is growing which I personally find very inspiring.

So grab a latte and settle in for a quick discovery of how you can benefit from being a member of our growing community.

Be on the watch for more informative blog posts, highlighting how going vegan can help you 🙂

Vegan hugs,