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Help Others Go Vegan and Build a Vegan Society

Let’s Do This!

Do you ever dream of living in a Vegan society where we all have access to ethical, cruelty-free and Vegan EVERYTHING? Let’s help others go vegan today!

So how can you help others go vegan and help our society evolve?

Well, it’s possible, but only if you work on it. There are so many compassionate people in our society. We are striving to make a better place for you and me to live an ethical and mindful life where animals are respected and treated as equal. As Gandhi so eloquently proclaimed, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

Compassionate people

Vegans are compassionate and loving people who strive to save animals lives in our own way. We use our resources, skills and experiences to guide us. We all have our own journey as we all strive to do our best, whatever our ‘best’ is. However, if you live in your ‘Vegan Bubble’ as I like to call it, you will have little (or even negative) influence on our society as a whole. We need to be viewed as the diverse individuals and loving people we really are. We don’t want society perceiving us as ‘vegan dictators’ and ‘hippies who eat grass’. Like all social groups, we need to assimilate and accept others for who they are and help others go vegan on their own journey.

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Andre saying ‘I Love You’

Individual journeys

It can be difficult for us to associate with others who prefer to turn a blind eye to the atrocities suffered by our beautiful non-human friends, similarly most of us were once in their position and we can do well to remember that. We are all on our own journey, hence unless you travel together, you don’t know where others are on that journey. A person could be vegetarian or one omni meal away from changing their diet. If we judge them and give them a bad impression, it could mean that their last omni meal is in fact not their last. Each of us will benefit from accepting everyone as an individual. We can then demonstrate the respect we can expect from them, for us and for our animal friends.

We each have a different trigger and understanding those will help others go vegan

Did you turn a blind eye to confronting images and videos? Perhaps you were moved as you learned about the horrors that animals must suffer for people to enjoy the taste of their flesh and by products. Some people will listen to emotive recounts of these horror stories whilst others will shut themselves out. So how do we reach those who turn a blind eye, or similarly, shut down from listening? Find their trigger!

Perhaps they will be triggered by discovering how healthy they feel when they change their diet. Some people will be motivated by learning about how animal agriculture is responsible for so much degradation of our land and furthermore, how unsustainable meat and dairy is for our planet.

You can find their trigger and work gently. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. After all, it’s a race we need to win, so consequently it’s better to make a lifetime vegan than a trendy one. You can help others to go vegan with a little knowledge about their triggers.

Respect for all

Respecting animals will develop, as we demonstrate respect for all. This also means respecting that new ingredients and new materials mean higher costs. As these materials and ingredients become more popular, prices will drop. Can you imagine all vegan goods and services being comfortably affordable? You can sleep well at night knowing your shopping choices support ethical businesses.  Consequently you are increasing the demand for more vegan goods and services. You are essentially helping others to go vegan. As you are supporting vegan businesses, you are aligning your dollars with your morals. Supporting vegan options in non-vegan businesses means you are increasing demand for those options. As a result, increasing demand is encouraging pre-vegans to increase their vegan goods and services.

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Love and Respect For All

Here’s how to shop

You can support vegan businesses and vegan options every time you shop. You can encourage non-vegans to expand their vegan products, hence we are well on our way to our vegan society. There is less cruelty to animals and more compassionate people in the world. As we help others go vegan, we will decrease their apathy and ignorance about the plight these beautiful animals suffer. As people’s minds and hearts open, we will help animals live their life as they love and deserve to.

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  1. Awesome Arcticle!

    It’s so evident how passionate you are about your business and what you are doing and the businesses onboard will greatly benefit from your ambition in spreading this lifestyle!

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