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Vegan Online Shopping, Food and All!

Vegan Online Shopping for Everyone

A finger ready to click on Redeem Now on My Vegan Vouchers mobile app
Ethical and Cruelty Free, Vegan Online Shopping Made Easy and Safe

Many businesses need to compete by offering online shopping and vegan businesses are no different. Vegan online shopping is very rewarding when you know where to shop. We give you a little nudge (or sometimes a huge one) to shop online for vegan and cruelty free products and services. My Vegan Vouchers has sourced some great exclusive deals especially for members. You can buy food, clothes, accessories, health services, web and app services, pet supplies and so much more on our web application. There’s something for you, your friends and your family every day of the year. Celebrate Christmas, Diwali, New Year, birthdays and more with the savings online shopping and face to face shopping can offer you with My Vegan Vouchers.

The offers for vegan online shopping, food and all, are too numerous to mention but here’s a list of just some of the businesses offering exclusive deals online.

Shopping Online for your Health and Beauty needs:

There are plenty of gift ideas and loads of the necessities we feel our face and body needs, ranging from nutrition to skincare with everything in between.

colourful Vegan bathbomb with rose petals on top
Bath Box – Natural, handmade and Cruelty Free
Always Something to Entice You into Ethical Fashion:

We all cover our bodies with some sort of fashion, so why not make it ethical? More and more celebrities are choosing vegan and cruelty free

female model holding a vegan handbag
Humankind -A collection of beautiful, high quality vegan shoes, handbags and accessories.
You will never have a shortage of food choices here:

From the whole shopping experience online to conveniently ordering local food online, from supplements to the whole sit down meal or sneaky snack. Relax with a cup of your fave (if you don’t have one, you can buy it online) and check out these stores…

Herbs of Life Organic Kombucha
These will make your home more cosy and just your style:

From custom artworks to ready made candles and more. They make great gifts too 🙂

By Elyse Lauthier – Monstera Goddess Giclee Print
Huge Selections from Online Shopping Stores

Some vegan online shopping options have a vast array of products for you to select from, with anything from packaged food to books or clothes. You name it! If it’s vegan and cruelty free, it’s available I’m sure.

Vegan business man smiling and displaying his vegan shopping online products at a market stall
Vegan Perfection – all vegan and cruelty free products suitable for everyone

Vegan Perfection was founded in 2005 by Jeremy and Rebecca, a husband and wife team. Committed to a vegan lifestyle, environmental issues, and social justice, they spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to all Australians.

Their range has grown to include a great selection of brands from all over Europe, the USA, Thailand, Brazil and all corners of the globe!

“Our aim is to service the needs and desires of compassionate consumers all over Australia and to make exciting and indulgent vegan foods available to as many people as possible across the length and breadth of the country. Delicious and cruelty-free!” – Jeremy from Vegan Perfection

Online Shopping Logistics
Online shopping behind the scenes in a warehouse
Vegan Perfection Warehouse – behind the scenes of online shopping

The logistics of and growth of Vegan Perfection forever demands the skills of hardworking individuals, forever in the pursuit to do more with the limited space and time they have each day.

The challenges of distributing food nationwide are only eclipsed by the ongoing battle with import logistics and regulatory bodies.  Vegan Perfection fight day and night to succeed in a tough and ruthless industry.

My Vegan Vouchers offers you choices of where you can purchase your vegan and cruelty free products online. We have businesses offering exclusive deals all over the world and specifically in Australia, UK and USA for stores offering a huge array of choices. Vouchers such as Biome are very eco conscious and earth friendly, so look for Zero Waste categories and check for free shipping too!

These online shopping sites have so many awesome vegan and cruelty free options and some have a focus on eco friendly and zero waste products too:

Chocolate hummus from Vegan Essentials
Vegan Essentials -USA’s longest-operating cruelty-free retailer, filling the needs of vegans worldwide for over 20 years
So what about shopping online for media and web services?

Not to be forgotten are the behind the scenes vegans working tirelessly to help you getting everything looking the best possible. Megan and her team from Megan Media Design did that for me as she designed my logo and flyers. It was so easy to work with Megan, even though she’s in another country. With the help of digital technology these days, it’s very streamline.

Vegan entrepeneur smiling at her laptop
Megan Media Design

Some of the digital media options with exclusive discounts:

Ok, so what haven’t we covered? Our gorgeous fur babies!

So vegans and people who say they love animals, may or may not agree to having pets. This is something I have contemplated many times since being vegan. If you love animals so much that you won’t eat them or wear them, ride them or mistreat them, how can you contain them? Essentially, having a pet means you contain the animal as your belonging and I have an inherited dog and 2 cats that were rescued from being euthanised as tiny newborn kittens. So what would happen to them if I didn’t have them as pets? That’s another blog post yet to be written.

For those of you who have pets, you can buy your vegan dog and cat pet products with an exclusive discount from Nuts About Mutts as well as a canine calming spray using your voucher from Raw Passion  which will be perfect for fireworks season!


Nuts About Mutts logo with a vegan dog riding a scooter

Remember you can also have their portrait painted, their photo taken, feed them vegan dog food (cats are obligate omnivores) and buy them a bed, collar, lead, a travel bowl and more without harming other animals in the process. All with your My Vegan Vouchers membership too!

There are so many more options for online shopping with exclusive discount deals with your My Vegan Vouchers membership. There are simply way too many to list here, so have a look, become a member and support vegan businesses and vegan options to help us make veganism mainstream!

Thank you to sooo many ethically conscious business owners associated with My Vegan Vouchers, offering exclusive discount deals to our ethically conscious members. We love you!!!

Vegan hugs,


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